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About Us

senQ Digital Station, a name coined from the words “sensing the quality” is all about lifestyle. The megastore, the first in the country allows shoppers to touch, feel and test a wide range of the latest high-tech products in spacious, comfortable environment. senQ Digital Station is set to offer consumers a different kind of shopping experience: Big, Fun, Exciting, Friendly, Quality and Digital.

The first senQ Digital Station outlet was opened in year 2003 and there are currently 29 senQ Digital Station outlets throughout the whole of Malaysia. senQ Digital Station practiced fixed price policy and has managed to earn the trust and confidence of the customers. senQ Digital Station has managed to expand and grow steadily through the years, thanks to the support of their loyal customers. Loyal PlusOne members are also rewarded with member price and extra 1 year warranty.

The average floor space of a senQ Digital Station megastore is approximately 18,000 sq ft, allowing the inclusion of innovative value-added services, “special effect corners” dedicated to specific categories and brands, and professional customer service dispensing answers to enquiries, usage and maintenance information plus product demonstration.

As we are constantly endeavouring to improve the shopping experience for the customer, our senQ Digital Station store layout and design has now progressed to what we call 3 GEN (3rd Generation). This can be experienced at the newly set up at Seremban 2 store. It is totally different from the previous design.

Customers who shop at our new 3 GEN stores can expect a whole new world of shopping as we have added:

  • More comfort with a better lighting concept.
  • An improved lively ambience with better lifestyle pictures.
  • Added ease of shopping with clearer segmentation of products.
  • An elevated personal experience with a “touch, feel & test” set up ready for you.

In an effort to continually increase customer satisfaction, we are upgrading our senQ Digital Station Corporate Identity System (CIS) on 19th February 2007.

The Three elements for Corporate Identity System (CIS):

Mission Identity (MI)

senQ Digital Station demands and expects the best QUALITY because we believe it yields different results. This quality reflects the mindset of our staffs and services. It impacts our organisation by increasing the overall quality on each and every aspect of it.

Visual dentity (VI)

The corporate colour for senQ Digital Station is apple green and this is the most important factor in this category. It will be used to standardise the design and appearance of stores along with all the advertising and promotion campaign.

Behaviour Identity (BI)

To distinguish senQ Digital Station from other competitors, we have introduced our FEEL IT! TEST IT! policy. This introduction is timely and appropriate as users are becoming more informed about electronic products – and they are yearning for an actual experience of products rather than mere information.

With this policy, consumers can feel and test a product without any obligations to purchase. Consumers can get a close up feel of a product in a more unique and proactive way. This not only demonstrates the quality of a product, but also creates a friendly atmosphere for consumers to make purchase decisions.