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Make your home a dream come true with our collection of home appliances in Malaysia. Living is now better than ever, with modern appliances that complement your daily lifestyle. From cleaning appliances like vacuum cleaners that keep your house sparkling clean, to advanced washing machines that make laundry day a breeze, our home appliances are perfect for the modern household.

In addition, we also have home improvement appliances like air purifiers, water heaters, air coolers and more. Check out our full collection of home appliances, now available online right here! We also provide door-to-door delivery service for your convenience.

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Xiaomi W10 Ultra Wet Dry Vacuum White

Xiaomi W10 Ultra Wet Dry...

RM 3,599.00RM 2,399.00
Xiaomi W10 Pro Wet Dry Vacuum White

Xiaomi W10 Pro Wet Dry...

RM 2,599.00RM 1,699.00
Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ EU

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ EU

RM 2,099.00RM 1,799.00
Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10 EU

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10 EU

RM 899.00RM 759.00
Haier 14kg Top Load Fully Auto Washing Machine HWM140-826S5

Haier 14kg Top Load Fully...

RM 1,899.00RM 1,495.00
Midea 1.0HP Non Inverter Air Conditioner MID-MSMF10CRN8

Midea 1.0HP Non Inverter...

RM 1,399.00RM 1,059.00
Haier 239L Display Chiller Showcase with Anti-Bacterial Tech - SC-248E

Haier 239L Display Chiller...

RM 1,979.00RM 1,699.00
Haier 10KG Front Load Washer -HW100BP14959S6

Haier 10KG Front Load...

RM 2,675.00RM 1,999.00
Haier 15 KG Top Load Washing Machine HWM150-1678ES6

Haier 15 KG Top Load...

RM 2,099.00RM 1,699.00
Haier 7KG Top Load Washing Machine - HWM701269S5

Haier 7KG Top Load Washing...

RM 839.00RM 699.00