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tips to shop during this CMCOtips to shop during this CMCO

Nearing the end of 2020, tech gadgets has always been a popular choice for gifts. So today, we’re here to breakdown on 7 interesting tech gifts you can present to your loved ones!

tips to shop during this CMCOtips to shop during this CMCO

Most of us aren’t keen on going to malls during the CMCO period and understandably so. While it’s ill-advised to do outdoor activities, we would still need to visit malls to get our groceries done or buy needed electrical items.

We’ve seen chargers going from wired to wireless, with developers going as far as making a charging pad. Although we can’t really tell what the future holds, we can speculate that it will be more innovative and beyond our imagination!

Right now, you must have heard the buzz surrounding Apple’s latest iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. We’re just as excited as you are! But before you can get your hands on one, we’ll be hosting a pre-order period where you can place your order with us. But why should you order one from us, when others are doing the same too?

Cleaning your washing machine is the easiest way to improve its lifespan. No matter if your machine is a top loader or front loader, these simple steps are sure to keep it well-cared for! The tools required are easily found in any home too.

Uncover the myth of whether AI home techs are worth their price! Here we uncover what are the best types of appliances that integrate and operate immaculately with artificial intelligence!

It’s time to take your beloved aerial shots from the ground! DJI is back at it again with another exquisitely stunning drone model, integrated with extra functionalities and features from its predecessor.