Beginner's Guide to Built-in Kitchen Appliances


What is a hood?

Before we get into the juicy details, we need to understand what exactly is a hood? In general, a hood's purpose is a ventilation for smoke, heat, stream and stench from your cooking. There are different variations of hoods and each of them are catered to a specific purpose, but all in all, their ultimate aim is to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic.

That said let us take better look at what the primary functions of a hood does.

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Clean Air Guaranteed

Clean Air Guaranteed

Ever felt suffocated when home makers finished preparing meals? This is usually due to excessive grease and oil that permeates the air. This is where the hood comes into action where it acts as a suction to these oily and unwanted particles in the air and release them outside.

Removal of Unwanted Heat

Removal of Unwanted Heat

This is more for the cooker themselves. Avid cookers would understand the frustration of surging smoke going through their face - it's annoyingly uncomfortable. Thus, having a hood helps to remove the heat whether through suction or a fan blower depending on its model design.

Proper Lighting

Proper Lighting

Prepping a candle light diner does not mean you have to cook in the dark. Modern hoods commonly have inner lightings that provide a clearer image of what you are cooking. This also helps to avoid cooking accidents, especially when one is cooking during the night.

Is a hood worth it?

What should first-time users consider when getting one?

Many of us would suggest that a hood is a luxury when it comes to our standard kitchen appliance, though not unwarranted, we still highly recommended avid home cookers to get one as it does ease your kitchen activities tremendously.

Here are some of the things you should consider when getting a hood for the very first time.



Sticking to the traditional way of placing your hood - which is above your stove - it is highly recommended that your cooking hood is the same size of your stove or slightly larger. Consequently, this enables your hood to be more efficient when it comes to heat suction and trapping grease and stench from your cooking.


Ventilation and Filter

Every house is different when it comes to ventilation, for instance, an apartment would best fit a ducless hood for the most optical ventilation while bungalows have their own specific type when it comes to hood (usually mentioned by the manufacturer)

Noise Levels

Noise Levels

Modern hoods are now usually less boisterous when it comes to operating sound compared with its predecessors but it is still wise to consider your best pick - you wouldn't want the ventilating sound to disrupt your cooking experience. Look for models that focus their suction of heat towards edge of the hood, they are usually the ones that product the least sound.

Types of hoods and which best fits your kitchen

After going over the essentials of a hood, know that there are different types of hoods and here are a general few of the many that buyers can consider when picking the ideal hood for their kitchen.

Wall Chimney Hoods

Wall Chimney Hoods

Perhaps the most common amongst hoods, the wall chimney hood is ideal for kitchens that do not have cabinets or drawers above the mount and range. Usually found in a professional kitchen layout, more home kitchen has begun adopting such design which makes wall chimney hoods rise in a prominence.

Undercabinet Hoods

Undercabinet Hoods

Commonly situated under a cabinet, the undercabinet hood is best used when your kitchen consist of storage spaces above your stove. That said, this hood utilizes your cabinet space which users would then need to alter but not by much.

Ceiling Mount Hoods

Ceiling-mount Hoods

Integrated into the ceiling, this hood can also be referenced to island hoods based off their designs of being isolated. Naturally space-saving, the ceiling-mount is ideal for users that prefer a larger cooking compartment.

Downdraft Hoods

Downdraft Hoods

One of the least known/common of hoods, the downdraft hood brings in the value of convenience; it is small in build and lightweight in design and can be implemented in almost any forms of kitchen setup. Even so, there is a known downside to its ease of access, where it is least effective when it comes to the removal of steam and smoke.


Products below are based on its' width dimension.

ROBAM Chimney Cooker Hood A812

ROBAM Chimney Cooker Hood...

RM 2,099.00RM 1,799.00
Faber Faberjet Senso 90SS Cooker Hood FBR-SENSO90SS

Faber Faberjet Senso 90SS...

RM 2,200.00RM 1,650.00
Robam Cooker Hood A825

Robam Cooker Hood A825

RM 3,599.00RM 2,899.00
Elba Elegante Designer Hood EH-G9026ST(SS)

Elba Elegante Designer Hood...

RM 1,430.00RM 999.00
Elba Designer Hood ELB-EHE9122STBK

Elba Designer Hood...

RM 1,360.00RM 1,160.00

Beko Cooker Hood HCG92940B

Beko Cooker Hood HCG92940B

RM 1,527.00RM 1,089.00
Beko Kitchen Hood BKO-HCB93041XB

Beko Kitchen Hood...

RM 2,159.00RM 1,759.00
Electrolux 90cm Curved Glass Chimney Hood ELE-EFC925GAC

Electrolux 90cm Curved...

RM 2,959.00RM 2,299.00
Beko Cooker Hood BKO-HCB93042X

Beko Cooker Hood...

RM 1,959.00RM 1,409.00