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a must at home

LG 16.5kg Top Load Washer Inverter LG-T2516VSAJ

LG 16.5kg Top Load Washer...

RM 2,849.00RM 1,999.00
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Electrolux 9kg UltimateCare 700 Front Load Washing Machine ELE-EWF9042Q7WB

Electrolux 9kg UltimateCare...

RM 3,719.00RM 3,169.00
Electrolux 10kg UltimateCare 500 Front Load Washing Machine ELE-EWF1024P5WB

Electrolux 10kg...

RM 3,947.00RM 2,928.00
Haier 8kg Front Load Washing Machine HW80-BP12929

Haier 8kg Front Load...

RM 2,239.00RM 1,339.00
Samsung 10KG Front Load Washer with AI Control WW10TP44DSX

Samsung 10KG Front Load...

RM 3,899.00RM 2,799.00
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Electrolux 9kg/6kg UltimateCare 500 Washer Dryer ELE-EWW9024P5WB

Electrolux 9kg/6kg...

RM 4,359.00RM 3,490.00
Electrolux 11kg/7kg UltimateCare 700 Washer Dryer ELE-EWW1142R7MB

Electrolux 11kg/7kg...

RM 5,949.00RM 4,230.00
Samsung 8.5KG Wash & 6KG Dry Front Load Washer Dryer with AI Ecobubble™ WD85T534DBE/FQ

Samsung 8.5KG Wash & 6KG...

RM 3,499.00RM 2,699.00
Samsung 11KG Wash & 7KG Dry Front Load Washer Dryer with AI Ecobubble™ WD11TP34DSX/FQ

Samsung 11KG Wash & 7KG Dry...

RM 4,899.00RM 3,499.00
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Electrolux 8.5kg UltimateCare 300 Venting Dryer ELE-EDV854J3WB

Electrolux 8.5kg...

RM 2,339.00RM 1,925.00
Toshiba 8KG Sensedry™ Condenser Dryer TD-K90MEM(SK)

Toshiba 8KG Sensedry™...

RM 2,999.00RM 1,749.00
Toshiba 7KG Sensedry Tumble Dryer TD-H80SEMSK

Toshiba 7KG Sensedry Tumble...

RM 1,999.00RM 1,249.00
Samsung 8KG Heat Pump Dryer DV80TA220AE/FQ

Samsung 8KG Heat Pump Dryer...

RM 3,099.00RM 2,699.00
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Sharp 280L 2 Door Fridge SHP-SJ285MSS

Sharp 280L 2 Door Fridge...

RM 1,475.00RM 1,185.00
Samsung 711L 2 Door Refrigerator Top Mount Freezer with Twin Cooling Plus RT62K7005BS

Samsung 711L 2 Door...

RM 4,199.00RM 3,099.00
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LG 694L Side-by-Side Fridge in Dark Graphite Finish LG-GCB257JQYL

LG 694L Side-by-Side Fridge...

RM 4,999.00RM 3,699.00
Samsung 511L French Door with Twin Cooling RF48A4000B4/ME

Samsung 511L French Door...

RM 4,799.00RM 3,799.00
Samsung 660L Side by Side with Family Hub Refrigerator RS62T5F01B4/ME

Samsung 660L Side by Side...

RM 9,385.00RM 7,499.00
Samsung 660L Side-by-Side Refrigerator SAM-RS64R5101B4

Samsung 660L Side-by-Side...

RM 5,699.00RM 4,499.00
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Toshiba 556L Multi-Door Dual Inverter Refrigerator TSB-GRRF610WEPGY(22)

Toshiba 556L Multi-Door...

RM 4,535.00RM 3,999.00
Samsung 617L Side by Side with Food Showcase RH62A50E16C/ME

Samsung 617L Side by Side...

RM 6,399.00RM 5,699.00
Sharp 780L Hikaru Series Refrigerator SJF889WGM

Sharp 780L Hikaru Series...

RM 14,099.00RM 10,999.00
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Haier 250L Upright Freezer Refrigerator HAI-BD248WL

Haier 250L Upright Freezer...

RM 2,629.00RM 2,109.00
Faber 165L Upright Freezer FBR-FREEZOR205

Faber 165L Upright Freezer...

RM 1,939.00RM 1,369.00
Sharp 220L Freezer SHP-SJC228

Sharp 220L Freezer...

RM 1,209.00RM 1,139.00
Haier 750L 6-in 1 Convertible Chest Freezer HAI-BD788HP

Haier 750L 6-in 1...

RM 3,129.00RM 2,499.00
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a little helper

Sharp Air Purifier SHP-FPJ30LA

Sharp Air Purifier...

RM 637.00RM 419.00
Sharp Air Purifier SHP-FPJ30LB

Sharp Air Purifier...

RM 637.00RM 419.00
Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde TP09 Air Purifier (White/Gold)

Dyson Purifier Cool...

RM 3,599.00RM 3,449.00
Elba 16-inch Stand Fan ESF-J1656(BK)

Elba 16-inch Stand Fan...

RM 159.00RM 142.00
Panasonic Air Purifier PSN-FPXJ30AHM

Panasonic Air Purifier...

RM 599.00RM 449.00
Sharp 10L Air Cooler PJA100TVW

Sharp 10L Air Cooler...

RM 699.00RM 499.00
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Samsung POWERstick 120W with Extreme Suction Power VS60M6015KG

Samsung POWERstick 120W...

RM 919.00RM 779.00
Samsung VC3100M Canister with Cyclone Force Vacuum Cleaner SAM-VC18M31A0HP

Samsung VC3100M Canister...

RM 519.00RM 468.00
Sharp Vacuum Cleaner SHP-ECNS16R

Sharp Vacuum Cleaner...

RM 329.00RM 264.00
Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner PSN-MCCL305

Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner...

RM 329.00RM 316.00
Khind Vacuum Cleaner VC68P

Khind Vacuum Cleaner VC68P

RM 218.00RM 130.00
Philips SpeedPro Aqua Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner PLP-FC6728

Philips SpeedPro Aqua...

RM 1,920.00RM 1,399.00
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Alpha Water Heater M5EP ALP-M5EPMG11

Alpha Water Heater M5EP...

RM 612.00RM 503.00
Alpha Water Heater M5E ALP-M5EMG11

Alpha Water Heater M5E...

RM 422.00RM 340.00
Alpha FX-i DC Pump Water Heater White ALP-FXiLG9W

Alpha FX-i DC Pump Water...

RM 499.00RM 449.00
Electrolux ComfortFlow 500 Water Heater Non-pump EWE361KX-DWX5

Electrolux ComfortFlow 500...

RM 390.00RM 309.00
Alpha Water Heater Non Pump FXEWH

Alpha Water Heater Non Pump...

RM 339.00RM 299.00
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Panasonic Cordless Steam Iron NI-WL41VSK (Auto Shut-Off) 1550W

Panasonic Cordless Steam...

RM 370.00RM 360.00
Panasonic Iron PSN-NI415EWT

Panasonic Iron PSN-NI415EWT

RM 99.00RM 98.00
Philips 5000 Series Steam iron DST5040

Philips 5000 Series Steam...

RM 310.00RM 229.00
Philips Easy Touch Stand Steamer GC487/86

Philips Easy Touch Stand...

RM 559.00RM 399.00
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JIMMY F6 Nanoi Ultrasonic Hair Dryer

JIMMY F6 Nanoi Ultrasonic...

RM 1,199.00RM 599.00
Philips 1600W HAIR DRYER PLP-BHD308/13

Philips 1600W HAIR DRYER...

RM 129.00RM 109.00
Philips Corded Compact Epilator BRE255/00

Philips Corded Compact...

RM 199.00RM 179.00
Philips Series 3000 Nose, Ear & Eyebrow Trimmer NT3650/16

Philips Series 3000 Nose,...

RM 109.00RM 89.00
Philips Electric Shaver Series 1000 PLP-S1103/02

Philips Electric Shaver...

RM 119.00RM 99.00
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Haier 168L Upright Freezer Refrigerator HAI-BD168WL

Haier 168L Upright Freezer...

RM 1,849.00RM 1,499.00
Toshiba 661L 2 Doors Fridge Inverter TSB-GRAG66MAGG

Toshiba 661L 2 Doors Fridge...

RM 4,279.00RM 3,499.00
Pensonic 16'' Table Fan PEN-PF41A

Pensonic 16'' Table Fan...

RM 121.00RM 104.00
Philips Multigroom Series 3000 8-in-1 Trimmer PLP-MG3730

Philips Multigroom Series...

RM 199.00RM 159.00
Electrolux 3-in-1 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Z823

Electrolux 3-in-1 Wet & Dry...

RM 729.00RM 699.00
Philips Ultra Precise Beard Styler PLP-MG1100

Philips Ultra Precise Beard...

RM 129.00RM 109.00