Air Conditioners


Coming back to a breezy chilled home is one of the most enjoyable experiences after a long day’s work. Air conditioners are slowly becoming a necessity in modern households, partly due to the hot and humid weather that we experience here in Malaysia all year round. Air conditioners can help to keep your surroundings at a comfortable temperature.

While traditional air conditioners can be quite loud, modern ones can now blow out cool air quietly and discreetly, allowing you to fully unwind and relax. In addition, some air conditioners nowadays are also equipped with HEPA filters to remove dust particles, keeping the air both clean and cool at the same time.

For the more environmentally conscious, we also have air conditioners that are equipped with inverters that help save up on power and electricity consumption. Shop for the latest air conditioners online with us today, all from your favourite household names like LG, Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic and more!

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Midea 1.0HP Non Inverter Air Conditioner MID-MSMF10CRN8

Midea 1.0HP Non Inverter...

RM 1,399.00RM 1,059.00
Panasonic 1.5HP X-Deluxe R32 Inverter Air Conditioner PSN-CSXPU13WKH-1A

Panasonic 1.5HP X-Deluxe...

RM 2,603.00RM 2,299.00

Haier 1.5HP A/CON...

RM 1,959.00RM 1,559.00
Haier 2.5HP UV Ray Inverter Air Conditioner Smart Clean R32 HSU-25VQC22

Haier 2.5HP UV Ray Inverter...

RM 4,100.00RM 3,439.00
Haier 2.0HP R32 UV Ray Inverter Air Conditioner HSU-19VQC22

Haier 2.0HP R32 UV Ray...

RM 3,400.00RM 2,779.00
Haier 1.0HP UV Ray Inverter Air Conditioner Smart Clean R32 HSU-10VQC22

Haier 1.0HP UV Ray Inverter...

RM 2,050.00RM 1,565.00
Hisense 1.0HP Non-Inverter A/CON HSE-AN09CAGSH

Hisense 1.0HP Non-Inverter...

RM 1,219.00RM 899.00
Haier 1.5HP UV Cool R32 Inverter Air Conditioner HAI-HSU13VXA21

Haier 1.5HP UV Cool R32...

RM 2,400.00RM 1,939.00
Haier 1.0HP UV Cool R32 Inverter Air Conditioner HAI-HSU10VXA21

Haier 1.0HP UV Cool R32...

RM 2,100.00RM 1,499.00
Samsung 2.5HP Windfree Deluxe Air Cond with Inverter AR24BYFA

Samsung 2.5HP Windfree...

RM 4,099.00RM 3,799.00