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Discover Your Washer Dryers for Your Kitchen at senQ

Discover the latest washer dryer models at senQ, where innovation and affordability converge. Our carefully curated selection caters to various needs, offering both front and top load washer dryers, including stacked or all-in-one solutions. Whether your home is spacious or cosy, our washer dryers come in diverse capacities, from small 5kg models to extra-large 17kg units, ensuring your laundry needs are met with precision.

Innovation meets practicality in our washer dryers, boasting advanced features like AI and smart technologies for a seamless laundry experience. The dual-drum technology ensures efficiency, while specific fabric care features and energy-efficient designs make laundry a breeze. Choose from renowned brands like Electrolux, Sharp, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and Haier, each promising reliability and excellence.

At senQ, you're not just purchasing an appliance; you're investing in a hassle-free laundry experience. Whether you're upgrading your laundry room or making a first-time purchase, trust senQ for your washer dryer needs. Enjoy competitive prices and shop with ease, either online or at our stores across Malaysia. Choose senQ for a smart, efficient, and stylish addition to your home.

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Samsung BESPOKE AI™ 13/8kg Washer Dryer with AI Ecobubble ™ and AI Wash WD13BB944DG

Samsung BESPOKE AI™ 13/8kg...

RM 5,699.00RM 3,799.00
LG 14kg/10kg Objet WashTower™ All-In-One Stacked Washer Dryer LG-WT1410NHEG

LG 14kg/10kg Objet...

RM 11,999.00RM 8,299.00
Samsung 9KG Top Load Washer SAM-WA90CG4545BD

Samsung 9KG Top Load Washer...

RM 1,599.00RM 1,299.00
Samsung 8KG Top Load Washer SAM-WA80CG4545BY

Samsung 8KG Top Load Washer...

RM 1,449.00RM 1,199.00
Panasonic 10KG/6KG Front Load Washer Dryer PSN-NAS106FR1

Panasonic 10KG/6KG Front...

RM 5,249.00RM 4,099.00
Panasonic 9kg/6kg Front Load Washer Dryer PSN-NAS96FC1

Panasonic 9kg/6kg Front...

RM 4,859.00RM 3,849.00
LG 13/8kg Front Load Washer with AI Direct Drive™, Steam+™ LG-FV1413H2BA

LG 13/8kg Front Load Washer...

RM 5,499.00RM 4,099.00
LG 11/7kg Front Load Washer Dryer with AI Direct Drive™ and Steam+™ LG-FV1411H3B

LG 11/7kg Front Load Washer...

RM 5,299.00RM 3,599.00
LG 9/5kg Front Load Washer with AI Direct Drive™, Steam™ LG-FV1209D4W

LG 9/5kg Front Load Washer...

RM 3,799.00RM 2,649.00
Haier 10KG/6KG Washer Dryer Inverter HAI-HWD100BP14959S8

Haier 10KG/6KG Washer Dryer...

RM 4,299.00RM 2,599.00