Washer Dryers


Having both a washing machine and dryer could take up a lot of space, a premium that not all households can afford to have. Modern households, especially apartments and condos may have very limited yard space. A washer dryer combo is the perfect combination for households that require a compact appliance that handles both washing and drying laundry.

Make the most out of your available space with our range of washer dryers, all from reliable household brands like Electrolux, Sharp, Toshiba, Panasonic, LG and more. Choose your preferred load size and leave the rest to us. All of our washer dryers also come with original warranties!

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Panasonic 10KG/6KG Front Load Washer Dryer PSN-NAS106FR1

Panasonic 10KG/6KG Front...

RM 5,249.00RM 4,550.00
Panasonic 9kg/6kg Front Load Washer Dryer PSN-NAS96FC1

Panasonic 9kg/6kg Front...

RM 4,859.00RM 4,099.00
LG 13/8kg Front Load Washer with AI Direct Drive™, Steam+™ LG-FV1413H2BA

LG 13/8kg Front Load Washer...

RM 5,499.00RM 4,249.00
LG 11/7kg Front Load Washer Dryer with AI Direct Drive™ and Steam+™ LG-FV1411H3B

LG 11/7kg Front Load Washer...

RM 5,299.00RM 3,599.00
LG 9/5kg Front Load Washer with AI Direct Drive™, Steam™ LG-FV1209D4W

LG 9/5kg Front Load Washer...

RM 3,799.00RM 2,749.00
Haier 10KG/6KG Washer Dryer Inverter HAI-HWD100BP14959S8

Haier 10KG/6KG Washer Dryer...

RM 4,299.00RM 2,739.00
LG 21KG WASHER / 16KG DRYER INVERTER WashTower™ All-In-One Stacked Washer Dryer LG-WT2116SHB


RM 14,999.00RM 12,999.00
Samsung Front Load Washer Dryer with AI Ecobubble™, 17KG Wash & 10KG Dry SAM-WD17T6300GPSP

Samsung Front Load Washer...

RM 5,799.00RM 3,999.00
LG 15/8kg Front Load Washer Dryer with AI Direct Drive™ and TurboWash™ Technology  LG-F2515RTGB

LG 15/8kg Front Load Washer...

RM 5,699.00RM 4,299.00
Sharp 10.5KG/7KG Front Load Washer Dryer Inverter SHP-ESDK1054PMS

Sharp 10.5KG/7KG Front Load...

RM 4,599.00RM 3,599.00