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Ever worry about how an automated washing machine could damage your expensive clothes? Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore as modern washing machines like the ones we have here are programmed with smart washing cycles to keep your clothes as good as new. Washing machines help take care of your laundry needs, with modern ones also having customizable wash cycles. You can now choose how long each wash cycle takes, how long the rinsing cycle lasts and even the temperature of the water. In fact, some are even equipped with inverters for maximum power efficiency.

Our range of washing machines include models from your most reliable brands like Samsung, Electrolux, Panasonic, LG and more. With different load capacities available, you can always select the one that best suits your laundry needs. Regardless whether you are looking for a top load or front load configuration, our washing machines always get the job done for you!

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LG 20kg Top Load Washing Machine with Intelligent Fabric Care LG-TV2520SV7K

LG 20kg Top Load Washing...

RM 3,099.00RM 2,799.00
LG 18kg Top Load Washing Machine with Intelligent Fabric Care LG-TV2518SV7K

LG 18kg Top Load Washing...

RM 2,799.00RM 2,499.00
Haier 12KG DD Inverter Top Load Rear Control Panel Washing Machine HWM120-B1678S8

Haier 12KG DD Inverter Top...

RM 2,299.00RM 1,871.00
Haier 10KG DD Inverter Top Load Rear Control Panel Washing Machine HWM100-B1678S8

Haier 10KG DD Inverter Top...

RM 1,999.00RM 1,595.00
Electrolux 9KG UltimateCare 900 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer ELE-EDH903R9WB

Electrolux 9KG UltimateCare...

RM 5,799.00RM 5,259.00
Toshiba 12KG Top Load Washer Inverter TSB-AWDUK1300KM(SG)

Toshiba 12KG Top Load...

RM 2,358.00RM 1,699.00
Toshiba 14KG Top Load Washer Inverter TSB-AWDUM1500LM(SG)

Toshiba 14KG Top Load...

RM 2,799.00RM 2,129.00
Panasonic 10KG/6KG Front Load Washer Dryer PSN-NAS106FR1

Panasonic 10KG/6KG Front...

RM 5,249.00RM 4,550.00
Panasonic 10KG Front Load Washer PSN-NAV10FR1

Panasonic 10KG Front Load...

RM 4,015.00RM 3,529.00
Panasonic 10KG Front Load Washer PSN-NAV10FC1

Panasonic 10KG Front Load...

RM 3,805.00RM 3,319.00