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A warm shower after a day’s worth of work is simply one of life’s pleasures. Water heaters in Malaysia have now become an essential part of household bathrooms. No longer needed are the days where we have to mix boiling water with cold water in a bucket for the right temperature mix. Modern water heaters allow us to enjoy warm water at the turn of a knob.

Even if your house has low water pressure, we also have water heaters that come with a built-in pump so that you can always enjoy a hot shower. Shopping for a reliable water heater online can be a daunting task. Rest assured that all of our heaters come with original warranties. If you are looking for a proper water heater in Malaysia, check out our range of high quality heaters below. Taking a hot shower during a cold rainy day is now easier with our water heaters.

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Rheem RH188 Electric Instant Water Heater

Rheem RH188 Electric...

RM 449.00RM 399.00
Rubine Water Heaters RUB-RWHSP201DSCB

Rubine Water Heaters...

RM 616.00RM 554.00
Toshiba Water Heater with Pump + Rain Shower TSB-TWH38EXPMY(G)

Toshiba Water Heater with...

RM 1,112.00RM 899.00
Toshiba Water Heater Without Pump TSB-DSK38S5MW

Toshiba Water Heater...

RM 377.00RM 249.00
Pensonic Mini Instant Water Heater | PWH-M981E

Pensonic Mini Instant Water...

RM 246.00RM 199.00
Panasonic U Series Jet Pump Water Heater DH-3UP1MW

Panasonic U Series Jet Pump...

RM 773.00RM 693.00
Panasonic U Series Water Heater PSN-DH3US1MS

Panasonic U Series Water...

RM 509.00RM 499.00
Panasonic U Series Jet Pump Water Heater PSN-DH3UDP1MZ

Panasonic U Series Jet Pump...

RM 818.00RM 796.00
Toshiba DC Pump Water Heater DSK38S3MW

Toshiba DC Pump Water...

RM 713.00RM 457.00
Alpha Water Heater ALP-M5iMG11

Alpha Water Heater...

RM 682.00RM 578.00