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Water Heaters at senQ: Top Brands, Latest Models, and Exclusive Deals

Water heaters have transformed the way Malaysians experience comfort at home. The variety of water heater options available today ensures that everyone can find one that suits their needs. From their advanced features to their user-friendly designs, these heaters are both efficient and cost-effective.
Modern electric water heaters eliminate the need to manually mix hot and cold water. With just a turn of a knob, you can enjoy the perfect temperature. For homes with low water pressure, there are water heaters with pump and dc pump water heaters that guarantee a consistent flow. If you're seeking rapid water heating, consider the jet pump models.

Shopping online for the best water heater might seem challenging, but with senQ, you're assured of quality and original warranties.
Whether you're looking for an instant water heater for your kitchen or a water heater with rain shower for your bathroom, senQ has a range of top brands like Panasonic, Toshiba, Electrolux, Alpha, Rubine, Rheem, and Pensonic. So, if you're in Malaysia and considering a new water heater, explore the different types online or visit a senQ store near you.

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Toshiba Water Heater Without Pump TSB-DSK38S5MW

Toshiba Water Heater...

RM 377.00RM 249.00
Toshiba Instant Electric Water Heater with Pump + Rain Shower TSB-DSK38ES3MBRS

Toshiba Instant Electric...

RM 1,059.00RM 664.00
Panasonic Water Heater PSN-DH3MP2

Panasonic Water Heater...

RM 679.00RM 678.00
Panasonic Water Heater PSN-DH3MS1

Panasonic Water Heater...

RM 380.00RM 379.00
Rubine Water Heater RUB-RWHCE521DMRCG

Rubine Water Heater...

RM 828.00RM 735.00
Rubine Water Heater RUB-RWHC500NMASB

Rubine Water Heater...

RM 229.00RM 215.00
Haier DC Pump Water Heater with Safety Point & Shock Proof - EI39HP1M(W)

Haier DC Pump Water Heater...

RM 679.00RM 509.00
Rheem RH688EPI Electric Instant Water Heater with DC Pump

Rheem RH688EPI Electric...

RM 899.00RM 769.00
Rheem RH188 Electric Instant Water Heater

Rheem RH188 Electric...

RM 449.00RM 399.00
Rubine Water Heaters RUB-RWHSP201DSCB

Rubine Water Heaters...

RM 616.00RM 554.00