Whether you are an audiophile or not, music is universally enjoyed by everyone. Regardless if it's a brand new home theater system, or simply a bookshelf speaker, music elevates the surroundings. Upgrade your sound system today with us, with our range of audio accessories in Malaysia.

Bring sound to the next level with our range of soundbars, speakers, and hifi systems for your home. If you wish to bring the beat with you, our selection of earphones, headphones and portable audio players lets you enjoy your favorite tunes on the go!

If you are looking to upgrade the way music is enjoyed, check out our range of audio products below. Listening to music, watching movies and viewing the latest sporting events is now more immersive than ever before with our audio products.

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Panasonic SC-UA30 Urban Wireless Audio Mini System

Panasonic SC-UA30 Urban...

RM 899.00RM 789.00
Sony 5.1ch Home Cinema Soundbar System with Bluetooth® technology HT-S500RF

Sony 5.1ch Home Cinema...

RM 1,699.00RM 1,499.00
Sony 2ch Single Sound Bar with Bluetooth® Technology HT-S100F

Sony 2ch Single Sound Bar...

RM 529.00RM 399.00
Panasonic SC-UA3 High Power Audio Wireless Speaker

Panasonic SC-UA3 High Power...

RM 1,119.00RM 795.00
Panasonic SC-UX100 Mini Hi-Fi System

Panasonic SC-UX100 Mini...

RM 639.00RM 559.00
LG Sound Bar C SC9S Perfect Matching for OLED evo C Series TV with WOW Symphony

LG Sound Bar C SC9S Perfect...

RM 4,599.00RM 3,699.00
Sony HT-S2000 3.1ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar - HTS2000

Sony HT-S2000 3.1ch Dolby...

RM 2,199.00RM 2,049.00