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Good food should be enjoyed by all regardless if you are a novice or a cooking expert. With our range of cookers to help you out, make cooking easier with these kitchen appliances! For the typical Asian household, a proper rice cooker is definitely needed to ensure that you have fluffy rice on the dinner table daily. In fact, many rice cookers even have other functions such as making soup, porridge and even cake! We also have a variety of steamers that allow you to enjoy freshly steamed rice or dumplings.

For those who are more inclined towards the West, ovens and grill pans allow you to serve up a smashing roast dinner and entice your guests. Good food should be shared, and making good delicious food is definitely easier with the right cooking appliances.

Check out our wide selection of cooking appliances below and supplement your kitchen with the right ones today!

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Sharp 2.8L Rice Cooker SHP-KSH288SSL

Sharp 2.8L Rice Cooker...

RM 189.00RM 145.00
Tefal 16cm Opti'Space Multipot TEF-G73717

Tefal 16cm Opti'Space...

RM 189.00RM 139.00
Midea 5.7L Pressure Cooker MID-MYD6007SS2

Midea 5.7L Pressure Cooker...

RM 399.00RM 289.00


RM 169.00RM 126.00
Toshiba 1.8L Digital Rice Cooker TSB-RC18NMFIM

Toshiba 1.8L Digital Rice...

RM 534.00RM 393.00
Toshiba 1.8L Jar Rice Cooker TSB-RC18JH1NMY

Toshiba 1.8L Jar Rice...

RM 189.00RM 115.00
Philips 1.5L 5000 Series Rice Cooker PLP-HD4539/62

Philips 1.5L 5000 Series...

RM 549.00RM 420.00
Philips 1.8L 3000 Series Digital Rice Cooker PLP-HD4518/62

Philips 1.8L 3000 Series...

RM 399.00RM 324.00
Toshiba 1.8L Rice Cooker TSB-RCT18CEMY(GD)

Toshiba 1.8L Rice Cooker...

RM 165.00RM 115.00
Tefal 1.8L Premium Rice Cooker TEF-RK818A

Tefal 1.8L Premium Rice...

RM 829.00RM 499.00