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The kitchen is always the heart of every home, and right at the center of it is a proper cooking stove. Being the main component of every kitchen, the cooking stove is typically the first thing home owners look for when setting up their own kitchen. In fact, it is now even expected that cooking stoves and hobs be integrated as a part of the kitchen.

Modern cooking stoves are usually equipped with multiple burners and types, allowing you to cook everything from sauteing, stir fry and even wok fry! The types of cooking you can perform on a modern cooking top is virtually endless.

For safety purposes, many are equipped with leak-prevention features. Electric stoves are also getting popular as a more efficient and gas-free alternative. Whether induction or ceramic, electric cooking stoves provide quick and even heating. Check out our extensive range of cooking tops, stoves, hobs, grills and more below!

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Cornell 6.0L Air Fryer COR-CDF1201

Cornell 6.0L Air Fryer...

RM 399.00RM 299.00
Tefal 6L Mini Compact Steam Cooker VC1398

Tefal 6L Mini Compact Steam...

RM 219.00RM 169.00
Cornell Table Top Grill with Hot Pot CCG-EL98DT

Cornell Table Top Grill...

RM 342.00RM 252.00
Pensonic PGH422N Built In Glass Hob

Pensonic PGH422N Built In...

RM 434.00RM 385.00


RM 1,400.00RM 1,118.00
Tefal Convenient Steamer TEF-VC1451

Tefal Convenient Steamer...

RM 299.00RM 242.00
ROBAM 40L Built-In Steam Oven S112

ROBAM 40L Built-In Steam...

RM 5,099.00RM 3,589.00
ROBAM Hurricane A829 Cooker Hood ROB-A829

ROBAM Hurricane A829 Cooker...

RM 4,199.00RM 3,380.00
Cornell Double Burner Glass Stove CGS-G122

Cornell Double Burner Glass...

RM 281.00RM 236.00
Pensonic 2-Burner Gas Stove PEN-PGC2201G

Pensonic 2-Burner Gas Stove...

RM 271.00RM 222.00