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A refrigerator is an essential part of any household kitchen as it allows proper storage of food items and ingredients. Keeping your food fresh and enjoyable for longer periods of time, refrigerators are now available in a wide variety of types and sizes.

Depending on your household size and requirements, a single door fridge can be perfect for a small family, whereas a bigger family may require more storage compartments. In that case, a 2-door refrigerator can be the ideal choice. Today, modern refrigerators can also do more than just keeping your food chilled or frozen. Many even come with energy efficient inverters, ice-making features and advanced humidity control functions. Smart refrigerators can also be connected to WiFi so that you can always remain in control.

If you are looking for a refrigerator online in Malaysia, check out our collection below. Shop now from your favorite brands such as Samsung, Toshiba, Beko, Elba, Sharp and more!

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Haier 750L 6-in 1 Convertible Chest Freezer HAI-BD788HP

Haier 750L 6-in 1...

RM 3,129.00RM 2,499.00
Haier 250L Upright Freezer Refrigerator HAI-BD248WL

Haier 250L Upright Freezer...

RM 2,629.00RM 2,109.00
Haier 535L 6-in 1 Convertible Chest Freezer HAI-BD568HP

Haier 535L 6-in 1...

RM 2,429.00RM 2,033.00
Haier 450L 6-in 1 Convertible Chest Freezer HAI-BD458HP

Haier 450L 6-in 1...

RM 2,189.00RM 1,832.00
Haier 168L Upright Freezer Refrigerator HAI-BD168WL

Haier 168L Upright Freezer...

RM 1,849.00RM 1,499.00
Haier 332L 6 In 1 Convertible Chest Freezer HAI-BD328HP

Haier 332L 6 In 1...

RM 1,619.00RM 1,395.00
Haier 251L Chest Freezer - BD-288HEC

Haier 251L Chest Freezer -...

RM 1,499.00RM 1,199.00
Haier 340L Showcase- SC348E

Haier 340L Showcase- SC348E

RM 2,369.00RM 1,849.00
Haier 239L Display Chiller Showcase with Anti-Bacterial Tech - SC-248E

Haier 239L Display Chiller...

RM 1,979.00RM 1,639.00
Faber 150L 1 Door Fridge LUSSO151BK

Faber 150L 1 Door Fridge...

RM 1,009.00RM 659.00