Panasonic 2.2L 2200W Advanced MEGA Cyclone Bagless...

Panasonic 2.2L 2200W Advanced MEGA Cyclone Bagless Vacuum Cleaner MC-CL789RV47

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Mega Cyclone Advanced by Stainless Guard

Exhaust air of conventional cyclone passes through the dust. Power tends to fall if dust accumulates. Mega Cyclone separates dust and air, then it puts away dust in big-capacity 2.2 L dust compartment firmly. Therefore, it prevents the filter from getting clogged, and keeps strong suction power lasting.

Effective Air & Dust Separation

Stainless Guard is structured by slanting hole. It is difficult for dust to make through. Because the airflow is different inside and outside, it prevents the dust from getting in the filter.

8-layer Filtration System

Clean exhaust can be realized with 8-layer Filtration System including Stainless Guard, Double HEPA and Anti-bacteria. Capture invisible allergens such as dust, mites, pollens and micro particle.

Curtain Nozzle for Stress-Free Fabric Cleaning

The Curtain Nozzle attachment removes dust and even pet hair without ever taking down the curtains. Vents ensure the attachment does not suck in and snag on fabric to provide easy, stress-free cleaning. This nozzle not only lets you vacuum a variety of curtains but also various other fabric products.

Full Capture Nozzle Ideal for Edges and Corners

Full Capture Nozzle allows you to reach the wall edges and to clean every corner. Original design from Panasonic, the front cover opens and the nozzle cleans every corner while it reaches the wall. Even places that tend to collect dust can be cleaned.

Keep Bedding Clean

Mattress Nozzle with antibacterial double roller taps and brush picks up dust mite and allergens hidden in the mattress.

Detect Invisible Dust

The dust sensor (can detect as small as 70 μm) brings you more efficient cleaning performance on mattress.
When the light is red, dirt is still being detected; when the light turns off, the bed is clean. The beaming sensor tells you that some dust is left behind.

Crevice Nozzle

Reach every speck of dust in small spaces.

Dusting Brush

Gently clean dust from surfaces that you don’t want to scratch.

Metal Telescopic Wand

High-quality chrome wand extends for easy reach.



Input Power
2200 W

Soft Roller

Floor Nozzle
Full Capture

Dust Capacity
2.2 L

Main Filter

Exhaust Filter


Extension Wand
Metal Telescopic

Cord Length
5.0 m

Metallic Red

Body Weight
5.1 kg

Curtain Nozzle, Mattress Nozzle with Dust Sensor, Crevice Nozzle, Dusting Brush