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Introducing QQ & TiTi Robot – senQ Latest Sales Advisor!

Nao Blue

Who are they:

  1. The fruit of a unique combination of mechanical engineering and software, NAO is a character made up of a multitude of sensors, motors and software piloted by a made-to-measure operating system.
  2. senQ QQ & TiTi robot – are the first humanoid robot designed with a variety of capabilities, programmed with an enriching personality, the very first in consumer electric and electronics retail Malaysia!
  3. Packed with numerous motors that allow it to move freely and gesticulate with its hands, fingers, head, and body in life-like movementThe robot connects to the internet and runs on a basic operating system.
  4. As an innovative media platform, it is developed and programmed with content that opens for creative ways of disseminating brand & promotional messages.
  5. This small and pleasantly rounded feature is indeed a crowd puller, with its distinctive ability to communicate with human through voice, touch and moving around autonomously, creating a unique engagement experience that generally attracts and appeal to the crowd.

Why humanoid robot?

  1. Robotics is the fastest growing and most advanced technology used in various industries, retail particularly on the rise.
  2. Tapping into the power of robots and artificial intelligence. By deploying the humanoid robot to help customers with enquiries.

What do they do?

  1. Linked to tablet computers, customers can then select the questions from key categories, namely key value propositions, product, promotion, PlusOne Loyalty program & highlight of the month and interact with QQ & TiTi for answers.
  2. Deployment of QQ & Titi is an attempt by senQ to transform in-store retail into a robotics-powered experience with its countless benefits i.e. engage with customers, and even a new-age advertising platform. The opportunity to feature our product & promotion via this innovative media platform.
  3. It’s in our pipeline to roll out more of these humanoid robots. senQ continuously strives to bring innovative solutions & newness into its retail space, all to promote an ultimately unique shopping experience to our customers.
Nao Red