Vivo V9


All-New FullView™ Display for Unlimited Fun

24MP Front Camera
Clear and Stylish Selfies

The V9’s world-leading 24MP front camera turns your every selfie into a work of art. Experience greater brightness, color vibrancy, clarity and dynamic range, even in the dimmest light. Whenever you need it, your V9 is right there with you, capturing every moment with crystal-clear precision. Turn your selfies into masterpieces and shine in every photo.

Dual Rear Camera
Create Masterpieces

The V9 has a 16MP main rear camera and a 5MP secondary rear camera*. Combined, they achieve amazing bokeh shots that rival DSLR camera results. You can even shoot first and focus later, transforming every photo into an artistic masterpiece.

Face Access
A Smart New Way to Unlock

Upon activation, the V9 scans your facial features, and unlocks instantaneously. It also identifies unauthorized access attempts by detecting light-reflected surfaces and subtle facial movements, helping prevent phone unlocking through use of photos or video.