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All prices are inclusive of 6% GST (where applicable)

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Senheng Insurance
Senheng Insurance


Pick up a Motor Assist policy today! The smart choice for you and your loved ones.


Enjoy 12 months warranty on all repairs done at AIG panel workshop


24-hour breakdown assistance for additional purchase of coverage of Windscreen, Special Perils and Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion.


All approvals for accident repairs are itemized based on original parts’ prices.


Wide network of AIG panel workshops across Malaysia to send your vehicle for inspection.


If your vehicle is damaged after an accident, just bring it in for repairs to our panel workshop and we will take care of the bills.


The agreed amount will be paid for legitimate claims for stolen or destroyed vehicle.

*Terms and Conditions Applied. Please refer to our FAQ below.


Easy and convenient.

Saves time and ease of comparing.

Renew your road tax on time.



Any claims for breakage of windscreen or any window glass at your car will not affect your No Claims Discount (NCD). In addition, excess will not apply. The premium is 15% of the windscreen value.


Cover damage by flood, Typhoon, Hurricane, Storm, Tempest, Volcanic Eruption, Earthquake, Tsunami, and Landslide, Landslip or other convulsion of nature. The premium for this additional cover is 0.50% of your vehicle sum insured.


The premium coverage for this coverage is 0.30% on the vehicle sum insured.


This policy provides insurance against damage to your own vehicle and/or your liabilities to other parties such as injury or death, damage to other parties’ property and accidental or fire damage to your vehicle as a result of a motor accident depending on type of cover selected.

  • Comprehensive Cover, accidental or fire damage to your vehicle or theft of your vehicle
  • Third Party Cover - it will cover:
    • Death or third party bodily injury;
    • Third party property loss or damage.

Optional benefits available with Comprehensive Cover that you may wish to purchase by paying additional premium:

  • Windscreen damage
  • Riot Strike & Civil Commotion
  • Passenger liability cover
  • Damage arising from flood and landslide

The above optional benefits are for Private Car only. There are separate extras for Commercial Vehicles. No optional extras are available for Third Party cover.

Duration of cover is for one year. You need to renew the insurance annually. It is advisable that the period of insurance tally with the road tax.

The total premium that you have to pay depends on the following factors:

  • Our underwriting requirements which will look into your age, gender and marital status, the age of your vehicle;
  • The cubic capacity / tonnage of the vehicle and the sum insured – this is regulated by the Malaysian Motor Tariff;
  • Your claims experience, usually reflected by your No Claims Discount entitlement; or the additional cover you select.

Stamp duty: RM10.00

Service Tax (for corporate nominees): 6% of total premium

  • Who can apply - Anyone between the ages of 24 to 65 years old with a valid driving licence for the appropriate class of vehicle. Minimum driving experience is 1 year. Terms and conditions are subject to Malaysian Car Insurance Tariff and our internal underwriting guidelines.
  • Importance of disclosure
    • You must ensure that all your answers to the questions are full, complete, correct and honest and to the best of your knowledge. This duty applies from the time you first signed up for the policy, when the terms are varied and at the time you renew your policy with us.
    • You have a duty to inform AIG Malaysia of any change in the information given to us earlier before we issue the policy schedule to you, before you renew or change any of the terms of your policy, and if you don’t your policy may be cancelled, treated as if it never existed or refusal or reduction of your claim.
  • The excess that is the amount of loss you have to bear in the event of an accident. There is an additional excess of RM400 in case of accident where your vehicle is driven by a person not named in your policy (for Comprehensive Private Car).
  • You must ensure that your vehicle is insured at the appropriate amount.
  • You have to maintain your vehicle in a roadworthy condition.
  • Car Insurance is a Cash Before Cover policy. You have to pay upfront before we issue a cover note/policy.

This policy does not cover certain losses, such as:

  • Your own death or bodily injury due to a motor accident;
  • Your liability against claims from passengers in your vehicle;
  • Loss, damage or liability arising from an act of nature i.e. flood, storm or landslide.

You may cancel your policy at any time by giving written notice to us. Upon cancellation, you are entitled to a refund of the premium, provided that we have not paid a claim against your policy. A minimum premium of RM50 will be retained and the balance calculated on short-period rates or prorate, depending on whether yours is a first year or a renewal policy with us.

It is important that you inform us of any change in your contact details to ensure that all correspondences reach you in a timely manner.

Should you require additional information about motor insurance, please refer to the insuranceinfo booklet on ‘Motor Insurance’, available at all our branches or visit

If you have any enquiries, please contact us at:
AIG Malaysia Insurance Berhad
Level 18, Menara Worldwide
198 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 1 800 8888 11 or 603 2118 0188
Fax: 603 2118 0288
Own Damage
  • Notify us immediately after an accident. All accidents must be notified.
  • Only send your insured vehicle to our approved panel workshops.
  • Ensure the following documents are provided to us:
    • Duly completed claim form
    • Copies of:
      • Driving license and identity card of driver who was involved in the road accident;
      • Clear copy of insured's identity card if insured was driving the insured vehicle at the time of accident;
      • Copies of insured's update vehicle registration card (both sides);
      • Police report (original or certified true copy).
  • If pursuing KFK (Knock-For-Knock) Claim on your policy, kindly provide us the following:
    • All documents mentioned in item 3 above;
    • Third party vehicle insurance information (by way of Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan/ Road Transport Department) search;
    • Duly completed KFK declaration letter that you are making a Knock-For-Knock Claim for damage to your vehicle on your policy.
Windscreen Claim
  • For windscreen claims, please provide the following:
    • Duly completed claim form;
    • Copy of police report (certified true copy)
    • Original copy of photographs of damaged windscreen before repair (insured vehicle's registration number must be visible). You need not provide any photos if your damaged windscreen is repaired at our approved panel workshop;
    • Photographs of the replaced windscreen;
    • Updated copy of insured vehicle's registration card; and
    • Original repair receipt
Theft of Vehicle
  • Theft claim is normally settled within 3 months from the date of notification and upon completion of investigations.
  • The following documents are required to process theft claim:
    • Duly completed claim form;
    • Clear copy of your identity card;
    • Original release letter or latest outstanding loan statement from the financial institution/bank which finances the purchase of your insured vehicle;;
    • Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (Road Transport Department) Form K3, K8, with annexures identified as Lampiran A1 and C1
    • Original Certificate of Insurance and policy
    • Memorandum & Article of Association, Form 9, Form 24, Form 44 and Form 49 duly certified true copy by your company secretary (for company vehicle only);
    • All your insured vehicle's keys;
    • Original vehicle registration card duly signed by owner; and
    • Police investigation result.

If you intend to make a third party claim:

  • Notify the other driver and/or owner who was involved in the road accident with your insured vehicle in writing about your intention to make insurance claim against him. In addition, state that you hold him responsible, and ask him to notify his insurer;
  • Appoint a licensed adjuster to inspect your insured vehicle and thereafter provide you with their loss assessment/report; and
  • If you do not have the other driver's contact information, you may conduct a search at Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) - Road Transport Department) to find out who is the other driver's insurer based on the vehicle registration number. Submit to us the following documents:
    • Police report;
    • Police sketch plan and key;
    • Police investigation report;
    • Adjuster's report together with photographs of damaged insured vehicle;
    • Original bill and receipt issued by the adjuster for their services;
    • Copy of your own vehicle insurance policy
    • Copy of your identity card, driving license and vehicle registration card.

For further enquiries related to claims, please call us at 1 800 88 8811 or email

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